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Quality bailiff services in Montreal & Laval

A court bailiff’s expertise can be needed in several types of situations, whether of a commercial or personal nature. Thanks to a well-established network, we’ll provide you with detailed information regarding the status of your situation.
Here is what our bailiff service offer generally consists of.

Writing certified reports

Our court bailiffs provide an impartial recounting of the state of affairs or places, which is very useful in court.

Online report

An online report drawn up by an experienced court bailiff allows you to constitute evidence of elements found online, and to prove defamation, unfair competition, copyright infringement or plagiarism, illegal practice, a website malfunction or service flaw (such as an access problem, hacked site, or hosting failure), or the reproduction of a protected trademark. You’ll be provided with an original, certified paper version, as well as a digital version stored on a DVD.

Serving legal documents

Notification is one of the important tasks handled by our court bailiffs. Concretely, this consists in officially handing over legal documents to a recipient either at their place of residence or work. You’ll also be provided with a progress report.


If you obtain a ruling from the court, our bailiffs can then proceed to a judicial seizure. It can be of a bank account, salary or personal property.

Tenant eviction

If the Régie du logement authorizes you to evict a tenant, our bailiffs can assist you throughout the entire process, from the introduction of the case to the actual eviction. This is a procedure that protects you on several levels.

Amiable account perception

In certain cases, it’s possible to recover an unpaid amount without having to go to court. Our bailiffs meet directly with bad borrowers and make arrangements with them, carefully abiding by a strict code of ethics.

Other services offered by our bailiff firm

For several years, we have also intervened in cases relating to
evaluations, legal sales, etc. Please see below:

• Organizing auctions
• Settling small claims
• Credit reports (Equifax and Transunion)
• Evaluating assets and property
• Voluntary surrender of assets or vehicles
• Personal property or real estate sales
• Sales under judicial order (auctions, by mutual agreement, and call for tenders)

Don’t hesitate to discuss with us about your situation! (450) 491-7575.