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Bailiffs for evictions and debt recovery

Whether they’re of a commercial or personal nature, certain situations can quickly turn into conflicts. Trying to evict a tenant or recover an unpaid debt can often be a difficult process, even when the court has ruled in your favour. That’s why a court bailiff plays a key role where the Régie du logement and the Small Claims Division are concerned.

For over 35 years now, members of the Philippe & Associés firm have been here to help you resolve these types of situations.

When should one hire a bailiff for an eviction or debt?

First of all, it’s important to know that a bailiff can in no way replace a lawyer. Although he contributes to the proper administration of justice and has a lot of legal knowledge, he is not authorized to give legal advice. Nevertheless, he plays a key role when it becomes difficult to carry out a court ruling. Certain defendants (guilty parties) protest even after a ruling has been made, in which case, we are dealing with executing a garnishment or an eviction.

How do the procedures take place with our bailiffs?

No matter the situation that needs to be resolved (eviction or recovery at the Small Claims Division), our bailiffs start by meeting with you in order to determine the appropriate strategy. First, it’s important to decide whether or not it’s relevant to proceed. For example, if the defendant has no registered job or bank account, it will be more difficult to claim what’s owed to you.

However, if the situation lends itself to a collection, the bailiff will inform you of the recommended types of seizure (bank account, salary or movable property).

Court bailiffs specialized in evictions and small claims

Regardless of your problem, keep in mind that our bailiffs are working for you.
Governed by a very strict professional order, we always intervene in accordance with a specific code of ethics. Active in a large number of districts across the province of Quebec, we deal with each ruling in a respectful, discreet, and transparent way.

For more details on the specific services we offer relating to the Régie du logement and the Small Claims Division, please don’t hesitate to contact us . (450) 491-7575