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Philippe & Associés: Bailiffs Bonding High­Tech Innovations with Traditional Values

The title of “Bailiff “, the first officer­ of­ the­ court, carries a distinguished history that dates back to the European Middle Ages. The functions of the bailiff have evolved over the years, and they vary from country­ to ­country, and from jurisdiction­ to­ jurisdiction. Here, at Philippe & Associés, we have been serving Laval and greater Montreal as bailiffs for more than three decades.

We provide a full range of services, including, but certainly not limited to, serving writs and warrants, handling seizure of property, small claims, auction sales, and evictions. Our professional and courteous team offers intangible qualities, as well. Our impartiality can be counted on for accurate reporting of all cases and events, which streamlines small claims court proceedings and it enables you to state your case clearly.

Philippe & Associés: professionals bailiffs at your service

In matters of eviction and/or property seizure your benefit lies in what you DON’T have to do, as in, you DON’T have to be present during the eviction of problem tenants, and you DON’T have to deal with the auction or sale of seizure property. A highly-trained bailiff from Philippe & Associés will handle the matter, sparing you from having to deal directly with a situation that could be uncomfortable, or even worse.

Do you need to verify credit reports? Call Philippe & Associés. Do you need to have property and assets evaluated? Call Philippe & Associés. We don’t offer legal advice or replace lawyers, but we are your go­-to source when it comes to implementing court and small claims civil actions. For creditors, we have assembled programs designed to promote rapid debt repayment, and to do so without the need to hire a lawyer. Our “Amicable Refund” programs, and our “Voluntary Surrender” programs, have given us the necessary tools to recover outstanding property and monetary debts without having to wait for court dates.

Each bailiff at Philippe & Associés is a trove of, recourses, resources, and ideas; if you have questions that relate to implementation of court actions you can call us during regular business hours. If you have an emergency, don’t hesitate, just call our 24/7 number: (450)­ 491­-7575.